SizeGenetics Reviews – The powerful, proven and comfortable Penis Enlargement Extender

Sexual satisfaction plays a vital role in the overall well-being of both males and females. Women adore men with a larger and stronger penis. According to them, a large sized penis tends to give them great sexual satisfaction and pleasure in bed! Well, such a factor turns out to be a great disappointment for men with a small sized penis. This affects their sexual performance, and thus affects their social life on a whole. They then either choose to become sexually isolated, to avoid the shame of not coming up to their partner’s expectations, or take a wiser decision by seeking means to ‘fix’ the problem!

sizegenetics-deviceThere is nothing wrong in expecting your penis size to increase. Remember, having a small sized penis is not your fault, however, choosing to accept it, is! Specially, when you have options like Sizegenetics!

The product is a penis extender that can help your penis to turn bigger and stronger. In addition to this, its mechanism is way simpler, whereas exercise and consistency is all that’s needed to handle it! This inventive product does not work internally, that is, it is not in the form of injection or pill, but is similar to some exercise device!


Mentioned below is a list of benefits, associated with Sizegenetics, have a look:

  • The product helps to increase the length and girth of your penis.
  • It improves blood circulation to your penis.
  • It helps with harder erections that can help to enhance your performance in bed.
  • It helps with extreme powerful orgasms.
  • Decreases the occurrences of premature ejaculations.


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How it works:

How the SizeGenetics Penis device works, has a very simple answer! The product is in the form of a device that needs to be attached to the penis. After this, Sizegenetics starts to function. It delivers regular traction to the penis. This firm and regular traction led the cells present in your copora cavernosa divide and replicate.

Basically, copora caversona is a part of penis, which is responsible for holding blood while the erection occurs. Coming back onto how sizegenetic works, the division of cells ultimately sources the penis to elongate. Besides this, the division also tends to result in a firmed penis.

Clinical studies:

Sizegenetics is a penis enlargement product that has been tested countless of times. Intention behind these was to check whether or not, the product is effective in the enlargement of penis. Lately, a study was conducted wherein 18 males, in between the ages of 24-47 were chosen to participate. The duration of this test lasted for 6 months, to assess the long-term consequences, whereas the results were noted in between the entire test for accurate evaluation.

The outcomes were astonishing as in between the first two month, the average gain went up to 13% in terms of girth and length. However, the average gain in the next two months was 19%, 24% and 29% in the 5th and 6th months respectively. Considering the aforementioned figures, the total gain was an average of 1.1 inches in girth and 1.9 inches in length!


The core part of Sizegenetics is a pair of thumbscrews, encompassed with a particular screw in every side intended to stretch your penis. Since, the penis is the most sensitive organ of a male’s body; the product is designed in accordance. That is, the product is highly adjustable and causes no pain at all. In addition to this, its advance extenders tend to ensure gentle holding of the foreskin, for your penis extension.

How to use:

In order to understand the correct procedure to use Sizegenetics, read and follow the mentioned instructions carefully. Besides, to attain the maximum girth and length, wear the product daily for at least 5-10 hours a day. Being comfortable and adjustable, you can wear Sizegenetics even while you are asleep.

As mentioned earlier, the product has to be used patiently for at least six months regularly. Men with an average size penis will notice the difference of inches with improved sexual performance in bed!


Side effects:

Clearly speaking, the product is free from side effects and has zero records of complications that may have occur using the product. Reason lies in the fact that this tool has nothing to with your body’s natural mechanism. On the contrary, it improves the supply of blood to your penis. Improved supply of blood results in the fast division of cells present in the penis, ultimately causing the penis to enlarge.

The product has an excellent user review. Besides, Sizegenetics is a medically approved product that clears the doubts of complications!


The product Sizegenetics Extender is ideal for men of all ages. Innumerable men with small sized penis have benefited from it. The tool has not just improved their performance in bed, but the intensity of intimation with their private relationships as well.


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SizeGenetics Reviews – The powerful, proven and comfortable Penis Enlargement Extender
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