Plexus Slim Review – Ingredients and Results Discussed

plexus slimIn the changing world every individual is in a quest to have a brilliant healthy body. A body which can stand up to the challenges present in the world today. A lot of people have set a perfect weight for their body with consideration to their height and BMI.

If the body is not on the perfect weight individuals tend to do activities to bring the weight down or get it up. Cashing on this quest for perfection a lot of different companies have made different products which cater to the needs of the general public.

The individuals willing to increase their weight can drink mass builders like protein shakes whereas the people willing to decrease their weight can also choose from a variety of products.

Being overweight has its own list of cons and to tackle those cons there is a product circulating in the market by the name of Plexus slim.

So, what is plexus slim?

Is it really effective, what ingredients it contains, let’s get to know the answers below:

What is plexus slim?

Plexus slim is a very effective weight loss supplement made by none other than the marketing company Plexus Ltd. Considering that the product has been creating a lot of ripples in the market, a lot of people have a different set of questions.

The questions range from basic ones like whether this supplement is effective or not?

To more complex ones like, does the Plexus slim have any side effects?

Through the course of this article we’ll give you a worthwhile review regarding the ingredients and effectiveness of the plexus slim.

Plexus Slim Results

The ingredients of plexus slim:

Plexus Slim IngredientsBeing manufactured by a renowned marketing company the product has a very detailed list of ingredients on its official website. The list is made to satisfy all the needs of the consumers regarding what is inside the product.

As per the manufacturers, each serving of the plexus slim has the following ingredients:

  1. 200 mcg of chromium as chromium polynicotinate.
  2. 500 mg of green coffee bean extract, which contains a very high amount of chlorogenic acid. Furthermore the green tea extracts contains only 2% natural caffeine.
  3. Garcinia cambogia fruit extract.
  4. Extract of Alpha lipoic acid.

Other ingredients included in the making of the plexus are polydextrose, beet extract to add color, citric extract, Stevia leave extract, Natural extracts, Guar gum, Luo Han Guo fruit extract and Silicon dioxide.

While all of this information is effectively presented by its makers, the information regarding the amount of every single ingredient present is not really provided.

This raises a few eyebrows regarding the safety of the ingredients as the final verdict regarding the safety is based on the quantity of each ingredient.

Clinical studies:

According to the manufacturers of Plexus slim, the extract of chlorogenic acid is the primary weight loss ingredient used in the formula. A lot of studies have been done to find the efficacy of chlorogenic acid in green coffee as a weight loss supplement. The outcome from many researches has been mixed so far.

The researchers did not establish any adverse effects from the said extract but the safety of chlorogenic acid has not yet been established.

An earlier report presents the facts that an intake of 2000 mg of chlorogenic acid daily can result in an increase in the heart rate. This leads to the assumption that a small dose can also have a few side effects as well.


Plexus DrinkThe effectiveness of any supplement for weight loss can be found through the results that it gave after testing. Every product undergoes testing and the results are posted on their official website.

Plexus Ltd has posted on its website that the effectiveness of the product is clinically proven, but there is no literary literature to back this statement.

The lack of proper clinical researches regarding the effectiveness and safety further weakens the case for Plexus slim as a good weight loss supplement.

A further research on this leads us to the result that there is no clinical research present on the internet regarding the effectiveness of any other supplement with the same ingredients.

This raises a lot of eyebrows and questions regarding the effectiveness and safety of the plexus slim. A question can be whether the product has been tested on humans in a clinic to certify its safety? Or has it even been tested upon animals to assure its safety on the body system.

It is imperative that an individual contact his doctor before starting any such supplement. A diet plan should also be made to complement plexus slim.

plexus slim results before and after


Overall claims of safety cannot be made regarding the safety of plexus slim yet but with a lissome set of ingredients mentioned on the company’s website do make it look like a very effective product.

Plexus Slim Review – Ingredients and Results Discussed
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