PhenQ VS Phen375 – Which Diet Pill is Better?

phenq weight loss pills that work

If you are overweight and are pretty much familiar about the weight loss industry, then you must have heard about the two most popular, sought and recommended weight loss supplements PhenQ and Phen375!

No doubt, the qualities these two dietary supplements possess are hard to match! Saying this would not be wrong that these have actually set a benchmark with their ground-breaking, highly powerful, weight cutting formulas that have actually changed the lives of many!

No doubt, the effectiveness of PhenQ and Phen375 is unparallel; however, considering that both are of great significance, it becomes difficult for the customers to choose one between the two!

Our experts are often questioned about these two supplements, where more and more people show their eagerness to know the better amongst these.

The Battle – PhenQ VS Phen375

phenq or phen375 which is best diet pill that work

Well, to help you know which supplement is better than the other, we have come up with some points that would help you compare these two supplements and eventually, reach a conclusion!

So, what are these points, lets have a look:

1. Effectiveness

phenq and phen375 weight loss effectivenessIn terms of effectiveness, PhenQ and Phen375, both, have equal weight! None seems to lack points as both have been extensively studied and proven to reduce considerable amount of weight. However, it is pertinent to add that:

  • The usage of PhenQ can help your body reduce 8-10lbs a month.
  • The usage of Phen354 can help your body slash 7-8 lbs a month.

With this, we can simply conclude that both are highly effective and of equal importance with regard to efficacy.

2. Ingredients

phenq and phen375 diet pills ingredientsPhenQ and Phen375 are prepared from high-grade, natural ingredients which hold the power to generate weight shedding effects in days.

Each of these products and their ingredients have been scrupulously studied, researched and tested for years. It is important to add that:

  • PhenQ has a special formula called A-lacys reset. This metabolic boosting formula is yet not a part of some other weight loss supplement.
  • Phen375 holds anti-depressant ingredients that help to prevent depression.

Since PhenQ has A-lacys, thereby, it becomes a product more preferable than Phen375.

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3. Safety

phenq and phen375 diet pills safetyPhenQ and Phen375 are both safe. Each of these weight loss supplements has been certified by FDA. Of course, since these supplements are a composition of superior grade, natural ingredients, therefore, none can deny that these are least likely to cause any kind of adverse effects.

  • PhenQ is an over-the-counter diet pill that is certified by FDA.
  • Phen375 is the safer substitute of Phentermine which is approved by FDA.

Both PhenQ and Phen375 are safe products, none of these bear harmful effects that can risk your health!

4. Mechanism

Phenq and phen375 weight loss mechanismWhat’s interesting about PhenQ and Phen375 is the fact that both share the same mechanism. Both are appetite suppressants, each helps to regulate metabolism and each raises thermogenesis in the body.

With this, Phenq and Phen375 become the weight loss agents that manage the problem from different and effective approaches.

  • PhenQ sheds weight by activating metabolism, curbing the constant urge to eat and speeding the process of fat burning in the body.
  • Phen375 has ingredients that accelerate metabolism, control hunger and enable more and more burning of fats.

Considering the mechanism of PhenQ and Phen375, it can be said that both target the problem through versatile approaches, enabling definite shedding of unneeded pounds!

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5. Results

Phenq and phen375 weight loss pills resultsSame goes for the results, yes, PhenQ and Phen375 have more or less, similar weight cutting effects that are delivered in weeks.

Besides this, those who have used the products have reported to experience long term effects. It is pertinent to mention that

  • PhenQ reduces the production of fats, which makes it’s effects long lasting.
  • Phen375 helps in managing weight as its ingredients are powerful enough to impede the making of fats in the body.

Considering the results of PhenQ and Phen375, it can be said that both the weight loss supplement are good in producing quick and long lasting results. 

6. Side Effects

phenq and phen375 pills side effectsPhenQ does not produce side effects, and so do Phen375. As mentioned earlier, each of the weight loss supplements are manufactured through natural ingredients and has been accredited by FDA.

However, PhenQ, may result in slight complications for it contains caffeine and those who are allergic to it may suffer from a reaction. On the contrary, Phen375 is free from any kind of side effects, major or minor!

  • PhenQ has caffeine and thus, may instigate symptoms associated with reaction to those with sensitivity.
  • Phen375 has no side effects and the chances of health complications with its usage are 0%.

When it comes to side effects, PhenQ lags behind Phen375 which is totally free from side effects!


PhenQ and Phen375 are no doubt, the kings of weight loss industry. Both are effective, powerful and have long term results. Choosing the best amongst the two seems to be the most complex task one would ever come across!

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PhenQ VS Phen375 – Which Diet Pill is Better?
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