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Noocube Vs Brain Pill

With unlimited stress related to almost everything, the average human finds living in the modern day world a very hard thing to do.

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The stress and other mind boggling ideas related to the personal development have meant that we are always under some sort of a mental pressure.

This mental pressure has led us to different extents where some have come out successful whereas others have become victims.

The basic concept of stress and pressure springs up from mental exhaustion.

Whenever we are mentally exhausted, not only are we able to focus on the important things but also we face difficulty in combating with the stress of successfully doing all the daily tasks required to be done by us.

cognitive enhancerNot only men but women also are prone to such mental exhaustion, which leads to the notion that combating this mental exhaustion might lead to further good in all aspects of your mental life.

Thus it is indeed imperative that mental exhaustion be combated at the nick of time before things go from bad to worse, like a famous proverb which states ‘A stitch in time, saves nine’.

So, people have lately been on the lookout for products that aid their mental health but also promise to be very natural.

This is when the advent of the Nootropics successfully catered to their needs.

The Nootropics are completely natural supplements that aid the development of your mind and the different aspects.

The Nootropics come in a variety of packaging and different brand names but the two which somehow stand out and we will be discussing are Noocube and Brainpill.


Both the products aim to provide you with a brilliant and natural relief from the dread of mental exhaustion.

best nootropic supplements 2017

The nootropics are designed in a way to be completely natural and effective for the mind.

This brilliant aspect is displayed both in the nootropic and the brainpill.

Both the products display functions of helping your mental exhaustion go away and mental development without the risk of coming across as fake or unnatural.

One thing that can be guaranteed about both Noocube and BrainPill is that the products offer an instant relief to your habit of feeling mentally exhausted at the slightest of things.

This relief goes a long way in proving that the products though with different names have an effectiveness that is very much comparable.

The benefits and the ingredients and the possible side effects will be discussed in depth through the course of the article, but one thing is sure that both these products are very effective in providing you with the relief that you expect from them.

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Considering that both the products are Nootropics, they have a few ingredients which are common and are found in both of them.

The few ingredients that are commonly found in both Noocube and BrainPill are:

  • Huperzine A: Huperzine A is an ancient herb extracted from the midst of a Chinese moss. Being a very effective ingredient, Huperzine A is found in the ingredients of both the products. Huperzine provides the brain with a hefty amount of Acetylcholine which plays a very important role in bringing mental clarity. Furthermore Huperzine A has been tested on different age groups and has brought special results which show improved learning and memorizing skills.
  • L-Theanine: Another very important ingredient, L-Theanine is basically an amino acid that is found in perhaps the best blend that we have ever experience, the green tea. Considering it is part of the green tea, L-Thanine has been historically noted down through significant testing as an ingredient that brings about a lot of relaxation to the body.

Both the products share these very effective ingredients.

Furthermore, they have plenty of other ingredients to make the perfect mix.

The other ingredients used in both the products beside Huperzine-A and L-Theanine are:


  • cats clawSynapsa: Synapsa is an extract of baccopa monieri. The ingredient has gone through a lot of testing during the last 10-15 years and has been found to contain qualities that increase mental cognition and the ability to multitask.
  • Cognizin: Cognizin is basically a water soluble compound uniquely found in almost every different cell of the body. It has been found to be a very effective brain nutrient and provides the brain with the much needed fuel to run.
  • Vitamin B12: One of the most unique vitamins from the Vitamin family, the Vitamin B12 has a lot of different benefits. Most importantly it is found to protect the brain from the shrinkage that often happens with ageing.
  • DHA Complex: Besides the importance that DHA complex has for our cell membranes, it has a lot of extra benefit for our brain. It aids in the development of the fetal brain which ensures that the development is long lasting.
  • Folic Acid: Folic acid which is also more commonly known as Vitamin B9 has been tested to play an important role in the proper functioning of the brain. Furthermore, it also plays an important role in the emotional and mental health.


  • Oat StrawAlpha GPC: Alpha GPC has been found to have a lot of different benefits that it can generate for your brain. The biggest benefit associated with Alpha GPC is that it has been tested and found to bring about better cognitive functioning in your brain.
  • Cats’ claw: Derived basically from a vine that is found to be grown in the Amazon forest, Cats claw is found to contain different anti-oxidants that can contain the damage on the DNA inflicted by environmental-stress. The DNA damage can lead to a decline in the cognitive functioning of the brain, which is stopped by the cats’ claw.
  • Oat Straw: Referred to through a lot of different names, Oat Straw since the Middle Ages have been used in a variety of different medicines and supplements as a brain booster. The oat straw works in increasing the Alpha-2 waves in the brain, which increases the blood flow to the brain. The increased blood flow makes you feel more active and awake during the different times of the day.

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Considering that both the products are made through some similar and some different ingredients, the benefits also display some similar characteristics.

The benefits that you will have from consuming both the product will be same in the context of the advantages but there will be some differences based on how those benefits are achieved.

I will be discussing the benefits separately and focusing on the strong points of both the products.


  • Brain Pills ReviewSharper focus and greater learning capacity: BrainPill will induce the ability in you to stay focused for longer periods of time without the feeling of tiredness that you are associated with. Furthermore staying focused for long periods will also require you to have a greater learning capacity which is another thing that you will be getting by consuming BrainPill.
  • The ability to acquire new information easily: As one gets older, the ability to acquire information decreases. Brainpill counters that through its extreme mixture of effectiveness.
  • You will be performing better at work with no stress whatsoever: Better performance at work is something that every individual wants and brain pill provides you with just that.
  • More effective problem solving: Problem solving is something that is the need of the day, we encounter problems throughout our life which require proper problem solving skills, and brain pills give the consumer the luxury of a stress free and very effective problem solving skill set.

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  • Improves your memory with special focus on the working memory: The best bit about Noocube is that it brings about a positive change in your memory. The memory of a person is an important aspect and the ability to recall special points from the past is something that we all require.
  • Improves multitasking skills: With a big increase in the cognitive functioning of the brain, the ingredients of the Noocube bring forward an improved skill set which makes you multitask easily. Multitasking is something that we are all required to do at work or at home, thus which makes this a strong benefit to have.
  • An increase in your mental energy: It is said the higher your mental energy is; lower are the chances of you feeling prone to any sort of mental exhaustion. Thus increased mental energy will combat any symptoms of mental exhaustion.
  • Better communication skills: All the increase in the mental energy and the multitasking will eventually lead to benefits in other aspects of life with communication skills being one of them. You will get better communication skills that will make you conflate with people easily even after a busy day at work.

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In conclusion it can be said that both the Nootropics are very effective and bring forward a natural mix of ingredients that are supposed to deliver your results.

Be it Noocube or Brainpill, you will surely receive a huge amount of benefits in a natural way.


Noocube Vs Brain Pill
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