Male Extra Vs SizeGenetics – Which Method is more Effective?

There is no point in compromising on problems that have viable solutions and the same goes for sexual problems.

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Well, with the word viable here, we do not mean surgeries and costly procedures. Gone are the days when research was limited to this only treatment, but advancement has made it an option today.

So if it’s about size, you surely need not to go under the knife today and can elongate it through natural and safe means.

Likewise, issues like peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction can also be treated with ease.

Male enhancement products are formulas that are trusted for sexual health and size concerns. However, the industry is very wide, from pills to contraptions; you get everything made to accommodate all your respective concerns, in time.

However, the two advanced products we are here to shed light on are no ordinary products.

From their results to safety, every single element about these male enhancements is worth admiring.

However, our aim is not to promote these brands as their results are good enough for that, we simply wish to help you decide which one of these two is more favorable with regard to size enlargement and quality erections.

But before the comparison begins, let’s name these products and brief them in some lines.

  1. Male Extra Pills
  2. SizeGenetics Device


Male extra is an ingestible formula that aims to make your intimate life ‘vivacious’.

Male Extra Pills Review

It has the ability to counter several sexual problems in a given time, however, the best it works on are erectile dysfunction and poor libido.

The supplement supports longer and harder erections and is highly suitable for men who long for ‘all night staying power’.

The effects of Male extra may be relatable to that of other products of the similar category , but, what makes Male extra more of a value is the fact that its effects tend to last and do not fade with the completion of course.

With a boost in erectile strength, the product enhances your performance in bed.

The key benefits of Male Extra:

  • It perks up the erection health.
  • Gives more energy and power in the bedroom.
  • Highly recommended for bigger and hardcore erection.
  • Doubles sexual stamina and has a positive impact on the overall performance.
  • Enables orgasms like never before.



The product sizegenetics is comparatively different from Male Extra. It is more towards the ‘enlarging’ than enhancing.

Sizegenetics device review

Though, it has many benefits for the sexual health as well.

It is a highly advanced penis enlargement contraption with a very unique design and features. Its results are quite promising according to which users can enjoy their intimacy with a penile length of 8.7 inches.

Furthermore, it supplies 2800g of tension that makes it the only enlargement tool with guaranteed results. However, that’s not just the only quality worth praising about Sizegenetics, the tool also provides maximum comfort, making the elongation process simple and comfortable.

The key benefits of Sizegenetics:

  • It elongates the penile length by up to 8. 7”.
  • It strengthens the penile muscles for powerful orgasms.
  • Supplies more blood to the genital region, giving you the power to enjoy longer and harder penetration.
  • It enables intense erectile stimulation.
  • It is an advisable tool for Peyronie’s disease.



  1. Nature of mechanism: Male extra has a different mechanism to that of Sizegenetics. It is an ingestible formula that works to improve your sexual health whereas Sizegenetics is an external tool that principally works to increase the manhood’s length.
  2. Key benefits: Sizegenetics is a male enlargement whereas Male Extra is a male enhancement product. But despite this, the contraption has a role in improving erections and same goes for Male Extra. Extended use of Male Extra too, is said to help with size.
  3. Rating: With regard to the ratings, we can say that it’s a close call here. Customer rating of Male Extra is 4.8 whereas Sizegenetics has a rating of 4.9. On the basis of this, we can say that each of these products is best in its kind.
  4. Results: The user ratings of both the products are an indication of their efficacy. On top of that, Male Extra and Sizegenetics have lasting effects that further add to their value.
  5. Side effects: If we look into the mechanism of sizegenetics or review the ingredients in Male Extra, we will not find anything doubtful or questionable about them. So we can say that each of these is safe enough to cause no health complication at all.


In the end, lets say it straight, Male extra is the best male enhancement formula whereas Sizegenetics is the best male enlargement tool.

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Both the products are valuable and equally accommodating for their respective consumers.

Male Extra Vs SizeGenetics – Which Method is more Effective?
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