How to Increase Breast Size

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The ideal shape of a female body gets half of its charm from her breasts. But not every woman is bestowed by the bigger busts, some have really small sized breasts, which is somehow deterring their beauty to be noticed.

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Needless to say, every woman with small breasts wants to do something about it. 

Breast implants or surgery was once the main option for women to get their breast size increased. Surely the surgery works, but sooner you will realize that it has its own disadvantages.

First off, the integrity of your breast will be highly affected as in terms of softness.

Also, the surgical procedure is highly expensive that can cost you thousands of dollars, which a normal classy woman certainly cannot afford.

Surgical procedures leave scars on your breast, even in many cases the chances of collapsing of implants have also been reported.

In this aggravating times, women need something that can bring true effects without costing them too much or leaving ugly scars on their precious gems.

Reasons for Small Breasts

Small breast size is determined by the number of factors which mainly includes 3.

1. Genetics

Means you have small breasts genes in you which in the case like this is difficult to treat.

But this is not what the latest study suggests, breasts size can be inherited by anyone of your family, including your mom, sister or even your aunt or grandmother.

2. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes or imbalance can affect a female’s breast size.

Hormones which are responsible for breast growth are estrogen and progesterone if you lack any of these hormones you will have smaller or irregular sized breasts.

3. Medical History

Breasts are made up of fats, which in case of hypermetabolism tends to burn. If a woman’s body is burning fat in a very faster way she is more likely to have small sized breasts.

This is because of the elevated or boosted metabolism as a result of some fat burning supplements or other medications.

If these medications are taken on a daily basis, chances of breast growth will be quite lesser.

How to increase Breast size naturally?

Talking about diets and exercises, here are some exercising techniques and dietary changes which you can adopt in order to get bigger breasts naturally.


1. Exercises

Breast enhancement exercise is one technique you can use to make your breasts look bigger.

It doesn’t actually increase your natural cup though!

This exercise technique consists of the massing technique you have to do 2-3 times a day.

Not sure if this technique is going to work for you but it worked for about 20% of women who tried it.

Using push up bras can also help you giving your breasts size a massive appearance.

2. Foods and Herbs that can increase your boob size

Certain food and herbs have extraordinary effects on the human body, also there are types of food that can be used to increase breast size of a woman.

Herbs which can help increase the size of your jugs are.

  • Fennel seeds elevate the production of estrogen in your body, therefore can be helpful in enlarging breast size.
  • Fenugreek when taken works like a hormone which is secreted during breastfeeding phase. You might have noticed that women who breastfeed have bigger size boobs than the normal ones, well it is because of this hormone.
  • Saw Palmetto blocks the receptors of Testosterone, thereby making free estrogen available to your body.

These herbs should be used fresh, also if you get any form of breast enlargement cream containing the same herbs you must give it a try.

You can also chew them or make a tea of it.

Getting Bigger Breasts faster with Brestrogen

According to many studies, Breast enlargement creams are the only fastest and effective way to enlarge breast size.

Breast enhancement results

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These creams are to be applied topically to the breast area where they absorbed at a faster rate and gives maximum effects in a very short period of time.

However there are so many breast enlargement creams, available these days, Brestrogen is ranked on top because it contains to harmful chemicals which in many cases leads to breast cancer.

What is Brestrogen? & how does it work?

brestrogen creamBrestrogen is a treatment of choice for those women who are tired of having small breasts.

It is a breast enlargement cream comprises of the powerful formula which helps regenerate the deep tissues of a woman’s breast.

The ingredients in Brestrogen are purely natural and also undergone many clinical trials before the cream was launched.

Here are the ingredients of Brestrogen

1. Pueraria Mirifica

The ingredients resemble with the estrogen hormone which in case small breasts are very less in number.

The function of this estrogen-like hormone is to make breast muscles firm and to increase the size of a milk duct.

It also increases the fat tissues and provides an ideal shape by nourishing the ligaments around the breast.

2. Vitamin E

Works as an antioxidant and nutrient at the same time.

The effects of Vitamin E on the skin are clinically proven which is why it is used in many beauty creams for its ability to improve the elasticity of the skin.

Is Brestrogen Safe?

Topical application is the safest form of treatment which is why Brestrogen is available in cream form.

Brestrogen before and after resultsThe formulation of Brestrogen did not add any harmful chemical that causes reactions afterward.

There are no records available about side effects of Brestrogen because there is none.

But if a customer is somehow allergic to its active component she must consult with her physician first.

Benefits you can get from Brestrogen

  • Bigger and Firmer Breasts
  • No surgery required saves you thousands of bucks
  • Absorption is very fast
  • Application is easy and doesn’t require any special set of skills
  • Gives breasts a youthful appearance
  • No stains or scars
  • No unwanted side effects

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Final Summary

Increasing breast size is the main concern for women these days because it is not only about looking sexier, but it is known to increase the confidence level of woman.

Men also prefer a woman with larger breasts because it is the most noticed part of the female’s body.

Breast enlargement surgeries are just another way to waste your money, instead, you can combine a healthy diet and exercise along with an effective breast enlargement cream such as Brestrogen that can get you fast and effective results.

Surgery requires cutting and incisions which leaves ugly marks on your breasts skin, which we don’t think you would ever want.

How to Increase Breast Size
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