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Battle Ready Fuel Reviews – Are You Ready For Battle Ready Fuel ?

It’s a huge money game going on the internet which not every individual is aware of.

You wouldn’t believe if I told you that supplement industries make Billions of dollars annually just by selling you their products.

This is a pretty funky, nasty game played many companies who most of the time sells you the useless product.

That’s Right, they talk too much on their online blogs and Web Pages with all the customer reviews and gibberish information that makes you so much attracted towards their supplement.

Battle Ready Fuel is something that has been in the market for a while, but most people do now know about it, WHY? Because of the gigantic companies striving to keep their brands at the top.

About Me

My name is Timothy O’Brien and I love to workout.

It’s been 3 years since I started doing the workout, hoping to transform my body shape and size and in the meantime, I came across so many muscle building and cutting supplements.

There is one thing I learned about these bodybuilding supplements, they are way too expensive and most of the time they don’t work.

I have already sacrificed a large part of my bank account on these craps and I was kept doing it until I heard about Mr. Ollie Ollerton.

He’s a famous instructor and fitness geek who has designed a training program along with his team called Battle Fuel Ready.

They have also the separate line of supplements which does not sell you anything ineffective.

As I said I have this thing to try every new thing so I gave it a try as well.

In this not so long review I will share my personal experience with this unique exercise plan and different supplements.

How Are Most Supplements Companies Selling You The Craps?

Have you ever searched the original price for Whey Protein?

I bet you didn’t because it’s available for $1/kg that is 1000 milligram.

If you are a little better at math you can easily calculate a big chunk of profit they are getting from us.

These companies buy the low-quality whey protein in less than a dollar price and selling you $30-$50 which is outrageous.

These supplements have 0 quality control checks to keep a check on their quality, but what the hell!!

My personal experience somehow got me to feel the difference between these supplements and Battle Ready Fuel.

And mine me if I say the experience from Battle Ready Fuel is 10 times greater!

Why Ollie Ollerton’s Battle Fuel Ready Is a Revolution?

You cannot rely these days on any muscle building supplement, because lots of them are devoid of the main ingredient which is supposed to present in a higher amount.

For that reason, men like us have been unsatisfied with the results, in all this skirmishing time Ollie Ollerton took a step and said Enough is Enough!

What he did was quite phenomenal; he gathered a team of sports and fitness scientists with a world-class dietician and there they designed the formula for Battle Ready Fuel.

What Makes Battle Ready Fuel So Perfect?

For the starters, Battle Ready Fuel is not just another fitness supplement which you can get from Amazon, GNC or Walmart.

It is a premium grade supplement which is developed in the FDA approved facility with 100% finest ingredient quality which is not imported from China at all.

In his program, “SAS” Ollie made it quite clear why bodybuilding demands high standards and sustainability. About Battle Ready Fuel, here is the great thought of him.

 “Our mission is to inspire people to think better, feel better and perform better through a combination of unique supplements and programs aimed at helping people achieve a new exciting level of well-being.”

We are dedicated to helping people be the best they can be, in Mind and Body.”

Battle Ready Fuel enables you to
  • Highly Focused
  • Extremely Strong
  • Be Positive
  • Battle Ready
  • Simply Brave!

There is a wide range of supplements of Battle Ready Fuel which starts from Pre-Workout to Sleep Aid. Me? Well, I ordered the Build Muscle stack with contains

  • A Pre-Workout
  • Whey protein
  • BCAA Powder
  • Creatine
  • Multivitamins
  • Fish Oil

Their delivery time is maximum 2 days, which is really okay with me. There isn’t a single touch from Black Market dealers as every individual behind Battle Ready Fuel appeared on life with Ollie Ollerton.

Moment of The Truth! Do the Battle Ready Fuel Supplements 
Actually Work?

The first day I took a pre-workout drink with creatine, 
I realized there’s something special about 
Battle Ready Fuel.

The taste is just perfect and if you combine a scoop of 
BCCA powder into it, you my friend are going 
to get some serious amount of energy.

What Differences Did I Feel?

I took pre workout half an hour before starting the workout, before arriving at the gym, I felt the remarkable amount of energy and focus which really don’t usually happens instantly.

It’s true that you need to be mentally focused and motivated that enhance the effect of exercise, well the same thing happens to me by the very first dose of Battle Ready Fuel.

I take breaks after every rep whether it’s a chest, bicep or shoulders but not this time!

I kept doing my exercise non-stop for an hour without experiencing any energy drainage.

The next time I replaced BCCA powder with Multivitamin, which is a chocolate flavored muscle building aid.

It’s quite interesting the ingredients in Battle Ready Fuel does not let your muscles get sore and recovery them instantaneously. You wouldn’t be feeling exhausted the very next day and that is guaranteed.

Now, the best part! Remember I told you about the third quality whey protein?

Battle Ready Fuel’s Whey Protein, unlike the cheap ones, creates a trifecta of energy into your system which lets you work out for hours without taking a pause and this is what Whey Protein supposed to do.

Battle Ready Fuel is Worth Buying!

If your supplement is not making you feel dizzy and weak the very next morning, know that there’s something wrong with it.

Muscle and bodybuilding supplements are meant to build your body by increasing strength, stamina, and endurance level.

On the very first week, I realized that I have been wasting my money for 3 years on supplements which just meant to grab a huge chunk of my money.

Normal supplementation does not/cannot prepare you for the toughest workout which I personally experienced.

Battle Ready Fuel is not only about building muscles or bulking phase, you can also purchase their cutting stack that removes extracellular fats from your body within a week.

You gotta spend money on something right, so why not spending it on a supplement which claims to transform your physique as you know it, with full proofs and real-time people.

Everything You Need to Know About Battle Ready Fuel Packages

So what’s in the complete box of Battle Ready Fuel? You will be amazed to see a huge variety of supplements available in a single box.

The box itself portrays the highest quality and standards which gives you following stacks.

1: Pre-Workout by The Battle Ready Fuel

Battle Ready Fuel – Pre Workout

The sole purpose of pre-workout is to equip your body with a sufficient amount of energy required by tougher workouts.

What Does it Do?

The prime effects are extreme energy surge with enhanced focus.

Within 5-10 minutes you will notice a change in your attitude, for example on the other day I wasn’t really feeling doing pumps, but after taking pre-workout you have to put the extra energy into something.

Here are the benefits you will get from Battle Ready Fuel pre-workout stack.

  • Quick onset of action
  • Enables you to lift heavy weights
  • Creates an intense energy aura around you
  • Can be beneficial in both cutting and bulking cycle
  • It affects brain chemistry, leads to a high confidence level and focuses
  • Not just workout, your performance level will be enhanced at any sports you play

Pre-Workout is the initial step which will take you to the next level of fitness.

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2: Whey Protein by Battle Ready Fuel

Whey protein is a cornerstone for any muscle building exercise.

Battle Ready Fuel – Whey Protein

I mean without protein synthesis taking place in your body, you cannot build muscle mass.

Whey protein stimulates the protein synthesis in your body and gives a chance for your muscles to grow at a faster rate.

It’s not about only muscle development, but it also helps in repairing the muscle fibers which sometimes get damaged during the intense workout.

Benefits of Whey Protein are as follows.

  • Helps you gain pure muscle mass with no fats
  • As your muscle size is getting bigger, it also becomes stronger and tougher
  • In a muscular men’s category, women will rate you 10 out of 10 (personal experience)
  • Even those people who were trying to teach you workout for gains will eventually seek your advice
  • Provides you the dose of exact ingredients that are required to grow muscle mass

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3: BCCA Powder by Battle Ready Fuel

Battle Ready Fuel – BCAA

BCCA is branched chain amino acid, which belongs to the protein class.

Their function is to attain muscle growth, but the special effect is to repair muscle and inhibits muscle fever which is pain and stiffness in muscles.

I don’t specifically use BCCA powder, but only a scoop on the top of pre-workout shake or whey protein.

What does Exactly BCCA Powder do?

It triggers the protein synthesis and preserves lean muscle mass during time off from exercise.

Benefits I Got!

  • You won’t be feeling any pain after BCCA dose; instead, you will work out non-stop with great ease. This is what I love about it the most, no matter how clumsy or tiring your day was a single dose can elevate your energy level and spirits
  • Enable the beast mode in you
  • The best solution for muscle fever/muscle fatigue
  • Prevents muscle discoloration which is faded of natural skin color, the quality ingredients such as in Battle Ready Fuel avoids grey looks
  • Stimulate protein development and growth of lean muscle mass

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4: Creatine Powder by Battle Ready Fuel

Battle Ready Fuel – Creatine

Creatine is the end product of protein metabolism which is responsible for energy supply and muscular contraction.

In Battle Ready Fuel, it is available in the form of Creatine Monohydrate, which many bodybuilders’ claims to be miracle substance.

In my case, I got a 1.5 kg gain within a week which I never experienced before.

Not just high energy supply and gains, but it play with your brain hormones and make you extra eager to perform the intense workout.

  • Creatine Powder by far is my favorite Battle Ready Fuel stack! The benefits are:
  • Rapid gains within a week
  • Keeps you mentally alert, motivated and focused
  • You will be amazed to see your muscles coming out of your t-shirt
  • Combining BCCA with Creatine powder can double the effects of the muscle building process
  • Increase cognitive skills which no other supplement offers

Because the quality is at its finest stage, a single scoop of Creatine powder can make a huge difference in your workout routine.

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5: Fish Oil by Battle Ready Fuel

Battle Ready Fuel – Fish Oil

Fish oils include the omega-3 fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), the precursor of certain eicosanoids that are known to reduce inflammation in the body and have further health benefits.

Omega-3 fatty acid deficiency causes thousands of deaths per year because most people do not know the exact and proper source.

There is a reason why you should choose the Battle Ready Fuel version of fish oil on others.

In many health-related articles and blogs, there was a truth exposed to the quality of fish oil being sold online.

They are not from any authentic source because of which they miss the most important point, the packaging!

In the case of improper packaging, fish oils are prone to deterioration which is why you need something of quality.

What Fish Oil is for?

When you take too many whey proteins, creatine and BCCA powder, there is a chance your skin will develop zits or pimples which you did not expect. To eradicate their side effects you can take fish oil once a week to suppress the side effects.

  • Fish oil makes your skin smooth, fresh and healthy
  • Induce glow on your skin naturally
  • You will be unique amongst other bodybuilders with clear, fair and smooth skin
  • Let the other ingredients clear from your system without harming liver and kidney functions

Fish Oil from Battle Ready Fuel is a skin tonic that resolves the main issue during bodybuilding.

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6: Liquid Collagen Battle Ready Fuel

Every stack in Battle Ready Fuel is meant for something!

Battle Ready Fuel – Liquid Collagen

To the old school people, Collagen powder is a history now. Remember those obnoxious effects you get from taking too much of Collagen powder?

Well, it’s not the case anymore because liquid collagen is free from every kind of side effect.

What Does it Do?

  • Collagen supplements in powder form were known to sooth the joint pain, but at the same time, it has some issues. Liquid Collagen is completely safe and it has extra benefits which really work for me!
  • It really works on the joints by reducing extra pressure on them
  • Improves skin elasticity by getting rid of the wrinkles
  • When your bones are strong, a large part of your bodybuilding persona feels young again
  • If you have a family history of Arthritis, Liquid Collagen can help you treat the painful symptoms

Daily intake of liquid collagen is beneficial especially if you are a gym going individual. It keeps the fatty cells away from the lean muscle mass and redefines your leanness.

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7: Fat Burner by Battle Ready Fuel

In my 3 years of gym experience, controlling my appetite was the hardest thing.

Battle Ready Fuel – Fat Burner

You have to be very much strict in your diet and sleep, which by the way I really couldn’t. Maybe that’s why my abdominal fat appears really fast.

Fat burner is the included in the cutting stack which has following effects

  • Reduce appetite
  • Increase energy amount
  • Obliterate fats completely
  • Brings the Chiseled body figure out of you

Fat burner is a cutting supplement which works by reducing your sugar and carbs cravings, and at the same time, it provides you energy that helps you burn fat. The fat burning process works mostly while you sleep so that there will be no disturbances during the time of exercise.

My girlfriend always taunted me on the belly fat, as a matter of fact; my shoulders and chest are well-built. Every supplement of the Battle Ready Fuel somehow helped me resolve the tough issues in my life, by transforming my body in a very well manner.

It is the first fat burner of its kind that suppresses your hunger level without inducing stomach cramps.

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8: Multivitamins by Battle Ready Fuel

Battle Ready Fuel – Multi Vitamins

It’s a helping hand for those individuals who keep on suffering from vitamin or zinc deficiency.

Zinc absence can lead to testosterone deficiency without which your manly traits are incomplete.

Your body needs the proper amount of vitamins and essential minerals if you are planning to grow your body size.

  • Battle Ready Fuel multivitamins contain all the essential vitamins which are good for your immune system and muscle growth.
  • My sexual experience was enhanced from this one; Zinc can really affect your sexual and mental health because it is closely associated with Testosterone secretion.
  • Here are the health benefits of Multivitamins
  • Makes you feel good all about life
  • You won’t be feeling any empty space after taking its dose
  • Induce calmness and relaxation phase

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9: Sleep Aid by Battle Ready Fuel

Battle Ready Fuel – Sleep Aid

Lack of sleep can do lots of damage to human health.

Many corporations lose their rank because of the lack of productivity in individuals who are deprived of sleep every day.

Sleeping is a healing process which defines your healthy day start. In SAS, Ollie Ollerton explained why Sleep aid from the battle ready fuel can be helpful for your fitness journey.

A long and nice sleep is proven to be useful after a workout because it keeps your performance level in check and prepares your body for the next day course.

In case of sleep deprivation, you cannot perform at the gym with the same intensity as compared to the individual who had a good night’s sleep.


  • Reduce dark circles and revitalize your skin
  • Controls hormonal imbalance in your system

The formula of Sleep Aid is comprised of the herbal ingredients which make it even more effective.

My experience with sleep aid was normal as I already get a good night sleep quite often.

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10: Nootropics by The Battle Ready Fuel

Battle Ready Fuel – Nootropics Stack

Nootropics are cognitive skills enhancers which mainly consist of the essential vitamins.

The ingredients are supposed to build a strong connection between neurons, which in turn makes you smarter & mentally agile.

Many people in the US and the UK use Nootropic supplements in order to enhance their cognitive skills at work and universities.

This last stack from Battle Ready Fuel is a surprise for many people who get exhausted and tired after a big day.

Bodybuilders are known to have muscles for the brain which has been deemed false by this very smartening stack.

What Does it Do?

  • It improves brain functions and other intelligence traits which helps you speak fluently, write non-stop, listen for a long time without interruption and makes you master in problem-solving.
  • Men who work 9-5 can be pretty much inspired by the effects, now you can listen to your girl as long as you want without getting irritated and annoyed.
  • The art of seduction in me has greatly improved

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Final Thoughts

Here’s what I want to highlight some points again about Battle Ready Fuel and what makes it more unique, advanced and effective than other competitors.

  • It is IN REAL produced in the FDA approved facility
  • Govern by real-time people who devoted their lives in the fitness realm
  • First-grade quality ingredients
  • Covers every aspect of the bodybuilding process

There is nothing perfect than a man with a great body and a great sense of humor.

Battle Ready Fuel charges your systems to battle against every problem, whether physical, mental or sexual.

It’s an all-in-one supplement that does not fool you like other cash sucking supplement hawkers.


Battle Ready Fuel Reviews – Are You Ready For Battle Ready Fuel ?
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